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Friday, July 1, 2016

Patio Revamp - How to create a Barn Wood Look

Hey friends! I am back, back with a whole new blog! I am so excited to share my adventures with you as an interior designer, its gonna be fun!

One of my most recent projects as of late:

I told the hubs we needed to revamp the back patio. He is a contractor for a living and he had extra cedar beams left over from a project, lucky us! He drew up a little design and got straight to work. He got on Pinterest and tried a hundred different ways to get a a weathered barn wood look. Nothing was meeting his expectations, he came up with his own little concoction for a barn wood look:

-Dark Walnut Gel Stain - Old Masters
-White tint base wood stain - Minwax

That's it! Mix these babies together and get crazy, I swear it is so beautiful! You can use this for any barn wood look alike project you can think up. ( I used this same remedy to create the arrow wall decor shown in the final project below). 

Other items needed:

- Cedar beams
- 2X4's
- Electric Saw
- Electric Drill
- Screws

Here is a photo of how he positioned the wood to get it into the shape we liked:

You ready for the big finished project?? Drum roll please - dadadadada

Then after I added my own interior decorating touches..

Now off to enjoy the Holiday weekend festivities with my family in this fun backyard folks! Enjoy your 4th of July!!

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