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Monday, March 25, 2013

DIY Cuter than Paper Straws

I am sure everyone has seen those damn cute paper straws all over Pinterest! So adorable right?? Well has anyone seen the price on those babies? I am sorry but I just can not even bring myself to spending over $10 on straws. So This is what I came up with for a go to :).

ribbon {plastic or cloth}
clear scotch tape
paraffin wax {used for canning foods I used Gulf Wax}

With ribbon wrap your straw from top to bottom of the straw. When you get to the bottom of the ribbon use a very small piece of tape to hold it together. Heat wax in large pan and roll straw in wax. Wax will dry within seconds. You can use immediately.

This is a fun little project to do with the kiddos and they will be all the talk of your next par-tay!
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  1. WHAT?! I had no idea this could be a DIY! How fun and festive! So the wax protects the ribbon from staining and keeps it from unraveling? I may have to try this for an upcoming bday party!

  2. Thanks for an alternative!!! So cute!!!!!

  3. Such a great idea! And customization is so easy here.


  4. This is such a brilliant idea. I will also try making this stuff.


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