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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My New Years Check Myself List!

Happy New Year ya'll! We brought in our New Year with our new home. It was awesome! We got our carpet and everything accomplished just in time to bring in the new year with a new home. How exciting! It was the perfect kick off for the new year. So what is a new year without thinking about goals? It is impotant to check yo self right? So that brings me to my list here..
Last year I called my list a New Years Resolution list {like everyone does-duh}and that failed miserably! So this year I thought it could help if I made a "Check Yourself List". Changing the title will without a doubt make me accomplish it I am sure haha. Anywho, I am gonna go over this Check Myself List in detail explaining why these are on my list.. I think this will help all of us {trust me on this one}.

Make my OWN happiness: Okay how many of us play off other peoples emotions?? I know I do. When the hubbs is mad and upset I am too. When my mom is upset or a coworker I get upset too. What does this do for us? Nothing, so my goal this year is to make my own mood.
I remember when I was small my teacher told us to walk around and smile at everyone we saw. That smiles are contagious and that if we did that it would make other people around us happy. I have done this every sense I can remember. Every person I walk by on the street or at work, in the grocery store EVERYWHERE if I walk by them they get a smile. I honestly don't even realise I do it anymore but a few people at work have asked me "how are you so happy all the time you are always smiling?" Well I guess I just try to be a happy person and rub everyone that way as well. I challenge all of you to do this this year. It will in fact make the world a better place one smile at a time.

Stay Positive: Well this may sound stupid to some of you that one of my goals is to stay the same.. Well honestly even though they are not on the Check Myself List I have a lot of goals that are to keep up the good work and I am sure you do too.
Mostly this stems from my post yesterday about my miscarriage. See post here. I need to stay positive and know that it will happen when the time is right!

Be MORE creative and crafty. Uh hello all of you awesome bloggers out there make me wanna be like this! You guys are such awesome examples. I feel it is important to do this and make both sides of my brain work. It keeps me sane haha.

Recognize and be grateful of the little things: This I need to do WAY more. I need to take the time and watch KJ grow. I mean I do this every day but geez it happens right before your eyes and I need to make sure and be cherishing every single moment of that!
 I worked on this a lot this weekend and it made my weekend so wonderful. I noticed these HUGE icicles hanging from our house out of KJ's window {I am gonna post the picture soon it was insane}. I was grateful for my family and didn't take them for granted. Instead of getting on the Internet and blogging or watching TV in my own room I played games with them. We went on a nature hike and I noticed even more "little things" out there. Oh beautiful nature!

Live in the moment: This not meaning to fly off the seat of my pants and not think things through. Just meaning that I need to not be on my phone or Internet all the time. I need to talk to friends in real life. I need  to make time for others to make new "real memories".  I just have noticed a lot even more so over the holidays that even when everyone is together we are very distracted with our technologies. So much that I feel like sometimes we miss life. I need to really work on this one.

Whats on YOUR New Years Check YOURSELF List??

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  1. I love the picture that you posted.. make my own happiness. that is on my checklist :)


  2. Hi Ashlee, excellent posting. Love your ideas "Check Yourself list".... I never believe in new year resolution again cos it never work. :(

    Thanks for sharing your great ideas. With love, take care.
    Have a wonderful week ahead,regards.

  3. Love the part about living in the moment! Seems so appropriate these days...I feel like I am constantly rushing the day away. Life IS too short!

  4. Great Post!!! Your list is short and sweet and I'm sure you will accomplish them!


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