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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blogger Crush Link Up Party

When I heard about the Blogger Crush Link Up Party from Erin Living In Yellow I just had to link up! I knew just who I HAD to write about. Erin said that getting mushy gushy with somone you have NEVER met was totally normal. SOOOoo if you think I am a total nut job you can blame Erin. Otherwise I totally would have kept all this creepyness ALL to myself.


So many of you that read my blog most likely already know who my blogger crush is... Yep you guessed it!
It is the great Andrea @ Glam Hungry Mom!
 Andrea and I totally just clicked from the get go. In my eyes this is my version of our love story. {Clearing my throat} Okay, so I remember just like it was yesterday {however it was about 10 whole months ago} the day I got my first comment on the blog from Andrea! This is what it said:
Hey Ashlee we are so much a like! I am a young mom too. We need to be friends. So happy I found you. Then I went to her blog and I was like oh hell ya we could totally be friends.
Then I remember a while down the road after commenting back and forth for what seemed like forever, she tweeted me. I was like WOW! Yay how fun, this is a huge step in our relationship, I was totally giddy about it, it was ridiculous. Then one day.. not sure how this happened maybe Andrea could fill us in on this part, but, somehow we started texting back and forth! Big deal right? I mean that's totally what friends do! I know that's how I talk to all of my quote unquote real friends. {Using the quotes cause in my eyes Andrea is my real friend}. Then just last week I got up the nerve to call her.We talked on the phone my whole drive to work. It went just like I expected. Just like we had known each other our whole entire lives. My favorite part was that we are both really loud and talk over people so it was awesome. Totally gonna do it again soon. We have talked about face timing and/or skyping but sadly still have not done it. When we do though its gonna be a wine night!
My husband thinks our relationship is like  the show Catfish.
Do you guys ever watch it? Hahah I was like NO its nothing like that I have seen Andrea in almost real like okay she VLOGS! Don't listen to him Andrea he is just jealous we love each other. Every time we talk its hilarious. We are damn funny together {we think so anyways}.
Look how cute she is! How could you not love her?
 Look how cute KJ and I are now {kidding} but we all look like we need to be besties right?

Reasons I love her:

We are both Virgos
Both were mommies young
She is hilarious
She makes me feel uncrazy and backs me up when I am crazy
We are both foodies and care about healthy eating
She has a great daily read blog
We both switch it up between brown and blonde
She likes me
I LOVE her!

One day we are gonna meet in real life I just know it!
K dudes PLEASE don't unfollow me just yet I will redeem myself. I am not a creepo promise!

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  1. I feel this way about many of my "blogger friends". Isn't it funny how we can feel so close to someone we have never met? Love the blogging community:)

  2. I'm actually a Leo ;) One day away from a Virgo ha! Girl I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! Dylan better watch his back if I ever get closer haha jk! So glad blogging brought us together :)

  3. this is soooo cute! I love this.

    It's so awesome to have that connection with people we have never "met". Some of my BEST friends are my blogger friends! for real:):)

  4. Ha, this post made me so happy! You have no idea. I do feel so close with certain bloggers as well, and I know that we'll meet up someday.



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