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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Japanese Style Skinny Salad Dressing & {Epic Fail Being The Easter Bunny}

Oh my say hello to my new fav salad dressing. Its exceptionally easy with only 3 ingredients! You are so welcome. It kinda makes your salad taste like sushi says my hubby. Haha you will have to let me know if you agree.. or not..


Servings: 8
Serving Size: 2 tablespoons
Calories: 24
Fat: 0 g
Carbs: 3.4 g
Fiber: 0 g
Protein: 2.5 g
Points +: 1
Old Points: 0

1 cup no fat plain greek yogurt
1 cup teriyaki sauce
1 tablespoon Sriracha

Mix all ingredients together.
Top on your salad, chicken, rice or whatever you like!
I am gonna show you some Easter pics from last weekend. So... the Easter Bunny sucks at our house. Does he suck at yours?

When I was a child our Easter tradition was that the "Easter Bunny" would leave us clues which were little notes throughout the house that lead us from room to room in the house until we found out baskets. So me being the traditional momma that I am wanted to carry on this tradition. I wrote little notes and placed them throughout the house leading him from room to room. However, the first note that he saw he immediately said, "mom you wrote this!" I said, "Yes I did, but, that was because I didn't think you would be able to find your basket without all the clues. That Easter Bunny is one tricky man!" KJ said, "Oh okay!" So, he went along with the hunt grunting and moaning the whole time saying "mom I can't find it!" Boo what kid doesn't just love this kind of stuff?? Hello, I lived for this stuff as a kid. Any who, so when he finally found his basket he said, "Mom you gave me the basket too! What happened to the Easter Bunny this year?" I said, "What no I didn't!" He argued with me and I never talked him into it. Damn it! My 7 year old already doesn't believe in the Easter Bunny. WTF. I. Suck.

Do any of your kids not believe in the Easter Bunny cause of something you did?
BTW.. See my cute mint tutu skirt? This WILL be on the blog sooo soon {YAY for the fashion side of ABpetite}. It is totally adorable thanks to Ragazza Bazaar Boutique.


  1. Awwwww, my son is 9 and he still believes. I'm not really sure how long we should ride that wagon out though, don't want him to be 15 and still think that.....or maybe he just says he believes in all of it to satisfy me, haha. Your Easter Eggs are adorable, at least that worked out, Ha!

    And I LOVE the skirt, super cute!

  2. Those eggs are super cute and funny. I'm definitely going to have to try that dressing! I never thought about using greek yogurt that way. Thanks!

    Kali Now Living

    1. Ha ha thanks Kali! That's one of the things I just love about Greek yogurt is how versitle it is. Thanks for the comment sweetie

  3. This salad dressing looks amazing! Glad to have you follow over at http://tobemrscollier.blogspot.com!
    Sarah @ Tobemrscollier

  4. This was hilarious. I found out about Santa when I was 6. My mom asked me to go get something out of her closet and she must have forgotten she hid my gifts in there. I thought they were from her so I didn't say anything but on Christmas morning, there they were from Santa. I was more afraid that I wouldn't get as many presents than mad about Santa not being real so I pretended for years that I still remembered even though I knew. Love the blog! I found you from a comment you left me :)

  5. THanks for commenting on my blog--now I can look through yours! Following along (and getting hungry from all the food) and i do believe I am your 1000 follower! CONGRATS!

  6. LOL! You do not suck. He's just older and wiser! This made me laugh. I think my Mowgli will like this dressing. I am making it today and trying it on her. Well not on her, have her taste it. I had her taste my smoothie yesterday and I asked her if she liked it, her reply~ well it's not disgusting. Kids these days!

  7. So sweet moment

    New post - Kiss

  8. the dressing looks yummy! thanks for visiting my blog. looking forward to finding some great ideas on your blog :)

  9. love the recipe! yum!! I will try this with chicken and greens tomorrow.
    the Easter bunny is kind of hard to believe in..we always avoided too much talk about him/her/it....Santa is a whole different magic.

  10. I made this dressing today for my lunch. Of course I already tried it to make sure it was good and it was delicious!! So excited to have a go-to healthy Asian dressing! Thanks for the yummy recipe!

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