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Monday, February 11, 2013

$200 to Tiffany & Co? Who wants in?

Hey Ya'll I am hosting  a $200 GIVEAWAY to Tiffany & Co. for Valentines Day! What women doesn't want a gorgeous piece of jewelry of their choice to from Tiffany's? What blogger doesn't want more followers? Well lets help them get what they want and in turn we will gain some new followers!The GIVEAWAY will take place starting February 14th and end February 18th. This is a short time so that people don't wait too long to enter to win. To be a part of the GIVEAWAY please email me here by tomorrow evening. The first 12 people will be the hosts with the mosts {followers that is}. It will be $16.50 a person. Each person that would like to be be involved in this awesome giveaway will have the option of having contestants to follow you any three ways, such as (GFC, Twitter, Favebook, Pinterest, and Instagram).
Can't wait to work with you guys! Its gonna be a blast!

Note: this offer is only good for people in the United Starts (unfortunately) because of Tiffany and Co. Terms and Conditions.

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  1. I want in! : ) I emailed you a few hours ago. : )

    1. You are IN sista face :)
      I will email you more details soon!

  2. I'm not sure I understand the give-away (lol) But it sounds wonderful! All of your recipes look yummy!

    I love your Chicken Pot Pies in the post below and also thank you for adding me to your Valentine's Day link up ! So sweet of you!

    Congrats on being pregnant!!

    1. Thanks for commenting back here Sandy! As for the giveaway all you need to know is to come back to my blog on Valentines Day and you can enter to win at that time!

  3. Booooo! I want to live in the US so i can enterr!

  4. NOTE: the giveaway is closed no more host spots available sorry friends!

  5. You're awesome! Excited for this! :)


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