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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Orange Sesame Chicken


Servings: 4
Serving Size: 1/4 Chicken
Calories: 125
Fat: 2.5 g
Carbs:  2.5 g
Fiber: 1
Protein: 24 g
Points+: 3

Here are your ingredients:

4 Chicken Breasts
1/2 Cup Teriyaki Sauce
1/2 Orange
1 Tbsp. Orange Zest
1/2 Onion
2 Green Onions
1 Tbsp. Sesame Seeds
1 Tbsp. Wheat Flour

Cut chicken breasts and dice onion. Place in a large skillet on medium heat for about 10 minutes. After chicken is white add sauce, squeeze orange, add flour, stir and let simmer on low heat for 10 additional minutes. Chop green onions and add additional ingredients on top. Serve with a side of brown rice or edamame So simple- so healthy!

Bon ABetit!

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  1. Looks amazing! Thanks for the idea :)

  2. Thank you cutie! You will have to let me know how ya like it!


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