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Monday, June 10, 2013

Peaches & Cream {Sweet Business Oppurtunity}

Hey foodies I made this recipe especially for one of my most fav bloggers Bonnie Cribbs. Know him? He blogs over at Beach Money he is the CEO. He helps people who want to work from home and own their own business turn that dream into a reality, so he writes a lot of motivational post, helpful tips, how-to post, etc. he helps me all the time! Oh and he will crack you up he is too cute.  As an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields he helps people have beautiful skin. Who doesn't want beautiful skin? I know that it is VERY important to me. So if you want to have beautiful skin or want to work from home or BOTH ya'll need to connect! Now that you heard this SWEET business opportunity, Bonnie wanted a sweet dessert created just for HIM. So this is what he got.. a nice cold, refreshing, sweet, peachy, cream dessert!

Servings: 10
Serving Size: 1 cup
Calories: 193
Fat: 3.7 g
Carbs: 31
Fiber: .3
Protein: 9.25
Points +: 5
Old Points: 4
6 medium peaches {raw}
1 tablespoon Agava nector
1/2 cup coconut milk {canned}
2 cups ice
1 tub vanilla ice cream {I used Haagen-Dazs lowfat}

Cut up peaches and place them in blender. When they are blended add coconut milk and ice. Blend until there are no large pieces in the mixture. Scoop one scoop of ice cream per cup. Then pour peach mix over the top.
Now you are in for a refreshing treat. Enjoy!

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  1. mmmm, yummmm!! This dessert looks way to good! I need to give this a try! And, gotta love Bonnie! He's a sweetheart and for sure has the hook up to clear skin and working from home!

    1. You and Ashlee are the sweetest! I went and bought the ingredients for this today and I'm about to go make it now. I'm rather excited! I know mine will not look as great as this, but hopefully will taste better than the on screen pics...it got weird licking my phone in public...

  2. Yеs! Finally ѕomething about desсгibe.

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  3. Gonna try this one for sure sounds refreshing and delish.

  4. yum i love peaches and this looks great! Thanks for sharing Lady Love :)

  5. yum, yum! yes- you should definitely go in the business :p


  6. Yum!
    Peaches, coconut milk you got me girlfriend!
    Hope everything is well.
    Go for the dream!

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